Betvisa Disconnection Policy

Betvisa company does everything to ensure that the gaming experience of users is as comfortable and safe as possible. However, the platform cannot be held responsible for factors such as poor internet connection or other circumstances, because the game may be interrupted. Such situations are beyond the company’s control.

If the gameplay is interrupted, disconnected, or otherwise affected, the following policy will take effect. Each user is recommended to read the full information, so agreeing to all policies is a prerequisite for using the company’s services.

  • Each player is responsible for the stability of their Internet connection.
  • The bet will not be valid if the player disconnects before it is confirmed. The money will also not be debited from the account. 
  • The bet will be valid if the player disconnects after placing it. This will also affect the account balance. 
  • In that case, if a player wants to find out any information about bets, he should make a request for this data through the customer support service. This does not affect the betting results. 
  • The Company reserves the right to make changes to the policy at its discretion. Users will find out about updates via the corresponding mailing list.

Live Baccarat

Users should pay attention to the following conditions for playing Baccarat: 

  1. If the disconnection occurs before a bet has been placed in any of the Baccarat variants, it is not considered valid. This rule applies to the bets of any player. 
  2. If the bet has been placed and there is a disconnection from the network, then it is valid and the balance is adjusted.

Live Roulette

The following rules of the live roulette game are valid on the platform:

  1. As for the rest of the games, the bet will be invalid if the player disconnects before confirming its placement. This rule applies to all bets, regardless of the color or range of numbers. 
  2. If disconnection from the Internet occurred after placing a bet, then it is counted. After that, the money is debited.

Online Slots

While playing online slot machines. it is worth taking into account the following rules:

  1. If the player disconnects before the spin, then it is not valid. 
  2. If, on the contrary, the player disconnected before the rotation, the money will be debited from the account.